The Stew

I am DJ Stevil and I was one of many DJs at what was once KUSF, the radio station at the University of San Francisco (USF). Since USF sold the 90.3 frequency, a bunch of the DJs (myself included) formed KUSF in Exile and started a legal battle against USF regarding the sale.  The sale took place on January 18, 2011 between the University and USC to become part of CPRN (Classical Public Radio Network), which is backed by the huge corporation called Emcon.  Prior to its sale, KUSF was the best radio station in San Francisco since 1977!  It was a sad day when the station was shut down (my show was the last full show aired).  


KUSF in Exile is now San Francisco Community Radio (SFCR) and we are broadcasting from LIght Rail Studios in San Francisco on a live-stream.  Most of the DJs continue to have their shows at the usual time, including me.  


I have been a DJ at KUSF since September 2003 and have been listening to KUSF since 1990 (when I first moved to SF). My show is on Tuesday mornings from 6-9 a.m. and I have been in that slot since 2005.


I love a variety of genres of music and will often play mixes of experimental, jazz, punk, hip-hop, electronica, progressive rock, math rock, post-rock, new wave, electro, funk, blues, metal, doom and a whole lot more. Mostly I think I am known for playing 80s punk/new wave and weird shit (like William Shatner or Bruce Haack).


But enough about me, be sure to check out the playlist pages, reviews and the picture of my cat.  Also check out my podcast (it’s on the Blogroll - meaning “links”).


Thanks for stopping by…Stevil